Olaf Habelmann, Michael Kleine, Henrike Naumann

26 July - 31 August 2019

Wave-Gothic-Looks in Leipzig, Comme des Garçons Sappeure in Congo-Kinshasa, Fashion-Branding in Fifa-Land, Laubenpieperinterieurs, tapestry variations: How does identity and desire materialise in everyday objects, surfaces and styles, how does trauma and memory transport themselves in fashion through different cultural contexts? OUTFITS shows artistic works that examine fashion and lifestyle in processes of social change and the processing of history on location and in global circulation. The artists are linked by their engagement with stage space, scenography, costume design and styling. In different ways, all works play with simulation, scenography, staging - strategies used in theatre and fashion.
External parts of the exhibition:
Caspar Sänger: BESITZSTAND UND TRAUMA 2nd - 11th August 2019 German allotment garden museum Leipzig
Anke Dyes: A SUBSTANTIVE THEORY OF HARM 22 August 2019 Reading / Artist walk
OUTFITS was curated by Anna Voswinckel
as part of the annual project DU KOMMST AUCH NOCH IN MODE by KV Leipzig

exhibition booklet
list of works

Michael Kleine, Frotteehandtücher/schwarz, 2019

Henrike Naumann, Comme des Kinois,2019

Olaf Habelmann, Janet & André, back: Café Greco,2009

Anke Dyes, A Substantive Theory of Harm, Reading / Artist Walk, 2019

Caspar Sänger, Besitzstand und Trauma, mixed media installation at German allotment garden museum Leipzig, 2019